Three Forks Baptist Church

Philosophy of Ministry

The Purpose of our church:

The purpose of Three Forks Baptist Church is to glorify God by seeking and following His will, both as individual believers and as a family of believers.

The results we seek:

Following God's will results in a community of believers who are growing to be more like Christ through prayer, study, fellowship, witnessing, and ministry to others.

The role of our people:

The pastor's role and commitment is primarily to give direction, train leaders, teach the Word, and be a model disciple. While performing ministry according to his own gifts, the pastor will make sure that his actions enhance the ministry of lay members rather than being in place of the ministry of lay members. The role of other staff members is the same as that of the pastor in that staff member's area of ministry.

The role of our lay leaders is to model discipleship, to grow in their own ministry skills, and to equip the rest of the congregation for ministry.

The church member's role and commitment is to grow as a disciple, to discover, develop and use his/her gifts, and to be led by the Holy Spirit to minister according to those gifts. The church will encourage and help members to use their God-given special gifts to further God's purpose within our church, community and world.

The role of our programs:

We will be very careful to design and administer activities that glorify God, as stated in our church purpose. We will continually monitor these aftivities to insure that they indeed perform as expected.

Our Church:


Three Forks Baptist Church

This was the first church established west of the Blue Ridge, excepting only the one established at the Old Fields, which, according to Mr. Williams, was established "a few years after -- 1779". Was organized November 6, 1790, according to the records now in the keeping of the clerk, Mr. John C. Brown, of New River. These records show that the "Baptist Church of Jesus Christ in Wilkes County, New River, Three Forks Settlement," was organized by James Tomkins, Richard Greene and wife, Daniel Eggers and wife, William Miller, Elinor Greene and B. B. Eggers. This soon became the mother church, from which went out "arms" to the Globe, to Ebeneezer and to South Fork and other places. Attendants came to Three Forks from all this section, many coming even from Tennessee.